Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling in Lincoln, NE

Update your home with complete bathroom and kitchen remodeling services from SkyLimit Remodeling in Lincoln, NE. When the time comes to update the look and feel of your home, our team is here to help you renovate your living space and create something you’ll love. From start to finish, our team works to create a unique space. You are in good hands - our experience helps us create custom and universal designs that will last. Our team is dedicated to making sure every detail of your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project is taken care of quickly and efficiently. 

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Our Process

Hire the most experienced, dedicated team of builders when you want the job done right. Over the years, we’ve developed a system for how we approach each project.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Create a bathroom space you’ll love with expert remodeling services from our dedicated team. From walk-in showers to new vanities and countertops, we’ll update the look of your bathroom and optimize the space for your needs. 

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Kitchen Remodeling

Make your dream kitchen a reality by hiring the area’s top kitchen remodeler. We’ll handle everything from initial planning to final cleanup. 

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A Letter from Our Owner/President

Thank you for your interest in SkyLimit Remodeling. My name is Luke Stamler, the founder and sole owner of the business. It is my pleasure to present the following introductory information to help facilitate your understanding of the remodeling and construction services my business provides.

Lincoln, NE, is my place of birth. My father was in the remodeling business, and at the age of nine, he began training me to learn and perfect the skills associated with success in the construction industry. As such, my remodeling experience spans a period in excess of 25 years. This hands-on exposure formed a passion within me to forge my own path and build a successful and respected remodeling business. The result is SkyLimit Remodeling, duly incorporated in the State of Nebraska in 2013.

My work ethic was molded during my involvement with the Boy Scouts of America that culminated by being awarded the ultimate honor of Eagle Scout. The strong moral character demanded for that achievement remains a guiding beacon in my business and personal life. As such, when selecting SkyLimit Remodeling for your renovation work, you can rely on and will receive the highest degree of respect and integrity.

Our projects are not for everyone. Some people want the fastest and least expensive renovations. Yes . . . there are certainly less expensive “quick-fix” companies who will do cheap cosmetic overhauls on your home. They are filled with false promises of high quality, low cost, and everlasting customer support. Unfortunately, many buyers go through this deceptive process only to feel cheated and disappointed with the end result.

We are very proud of the design concepts, exceptional service standards, and client associations that set SkyLimit Remodeling far and above our competitors:

Our spaces are designed and built to suit your individual and family tastes and lifestyles.

We consider the entire home environment to ensure low maintenance, lasting quality, and accessibility for everyone in your household.

The remodeling process, though exciting, can be disruptive. We strive to respect your needs, daily schedule, and personal routine during the construction phase. Our goal is prompt and professional completion.

Being raised in the remodeling industry gives me a broad and comprehensive understanding of what works over time and what does not. This is a huge advantage for you during the design and planning segment of your renovation.

We design with vision and build with precision . . . with the essential goal of making our clients completely satisfied and delighted with their new environments.

Our ideas are state of the art and aesthetically superior to our competitors. We think outside of the box which will make your home a unique and stimulating place to live for you and your loved ones. The upgrades also result in a distinctive environment that you are certain to be proud of when entertaining friends and family.

During the planning, bidding, construction, and follow-up stages of your remodel, you will deal with one, and only one, person . . . ME, the owner of SkyLimit Remodeling! My daily on-site presence assures that any concerns or needs you might have are promptly and efficiently resolved. 

In summary, my experience exceeds that of the competition. Our Better Business Bureau® A+ rating attests to this fact. Massive experience affords me the ability to analyze existing spaces, apply the most efficient procedures, and skillfully resolve unforeseen problems if they occur during your job. Because you most certainly want the best quality and service available for your home remodeling projects, please contact me to arrange a personal evaluation of your requirements.

Let’s work together to build your dreams into reality!

Thank you,
Luke Stamler,

Giving Structure to Your Dreams

With 22 years of experience, SkyLimit Remodeling has been giving structure to your dreams. Whether it’s a kitchen update, bathroom remodel, or something else, we’re the top contracting company in the Lincoln area for your project. We’ll work with you to create a plan and design your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project so it fits both your vision and budget to create a space that looks exactly how you want. Whether you want to update outdated cabinets or increase storage space, we’ll help you get exactly what you need from your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project.  

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