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Hire the most experienced, dedicated team of builders when you want the job done right. Over the years, we’ve developed a system for how we approach projects. Over the next days and weeks of your home remodel, we’ll be working closely together, so it’s important to be familiar with the process and expectations through each step of the process.   

SkyLimit Remodeling Employs the Following Agenda:

  • First contact—phone call or email
  • Site inspection at home
  • Verbal estimate/acceptance to move forward
  • Information gathering
  • Hard copy of estimate is presented
  • Acceptance proposal
  • Meeting for initial design
  • Meeting for final design approval
  • Pre-start meeting on-site
  • Project starts
  • Halfway point meeting—draw of funds
  • Finished project meeting—final payment

Our remodeling orientation is the best way to let you know what to expect before the actual work begins. I hope to develop good communication from the beginning by discussing issues that either party may not have thought of at the beginning meetings but could be of great importance as the job progresses. In the next few meetings, I will develop a working plan for everyone involved. Simple planning now can prevent future problems.

Before I Begin Work

SkyLimit Remodeling bids the job to bring in materials, supplies, and equipment in the most efficient way without causing damage to your home.

If possible, a space will need to be made available for storage of materials and equipment during the course of the job, meaning an area of the garage or an adjacent room. Once the project physically begins, the driveway or the nearest access needs to be accessible daily. This is for the purpose of unloading and loading materials, equipment, and supplies, typically from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Valuables (sentimental or priceless) need to be removed from the work area walls, adjacent walls and the pathway to the work area, or we need to be notified of any valuables that cannot be removed from the work area.

We will need to establish an agreed upon method for entering your home. A common method is a lock box with your key inside or, if you have a coded entry system, allowing me to enter my code that you will delete once the project is finished.

It is critical to keep children and/or pets away from the work area for their own safety, as well as that of the team.

DUST! Remodeling involves dust, and we will make every effort to isolate the work area, but THERE WILL BE DUST! At the completion of our project we will do a thorough cleaning and recommend the furnace filter be changed.

Specialty Materials

If you will be selecting new appliances, be sure to provide a copy of the specs so we can coordinate with your cabinet design. After we have made your specific selections, I may set up a meeting to finalize all designs and material selections so I can order, or a confirmation email will work in some cases.


Our general payment schedule is 50 percent down when scheduling your project, before design can begin.

Approximately halfway through the project, we will go over change orders and may request a draw of half the remaining total. In some cases, this amount can vary.

When the client is presented with the final invoice for the finished project, you are responsible for payment that day unless prior arrangements have been made. The client is expected to have funds available. We do accept credit card payments, but in order to offset the cost, we will charge an additional 3 percent.

Scheduling and Project Duration

SkyLimit Remodeling can give you an estimate on how long the project will take. Any estimates or projections are just that: estimates. Any finish date is not a promised date since there are many factors that can create changes and possible delays. The number one cause of delays is additional work added.

Many people do not realize that a large part of the work on the average remodeling project takes place away from their residence—material gathering, building of special items, the offsite prepping of materials to be installed, etc. I always aim to have as much ready as possible before the start date.

Possible Additional Costs

Many possibilities for the project may be discussed in meetings, but unless it is specifically spelled out in the proposal, it is not included in the price.

Our estimate reflects both materials and labor. Factors beyond our control can affect additional costs in both of these areas. For example, hidden structural issues that are not discovered until the demo exposed them or out-of-date plumbing or electrical. In general, I will take care of all minor problems. This is what you pay us for. I will discuss these issues with you and will have you sign off when and if they arise.

If you plan on leaving on a trip or vacation, please provide adequate notice. If the project is interrupted with short notice (emergency situations will be exempt) and the client requires us to leave the project while the client is away, there may be a charge assessed for the labor involved in the removal and return of equipment. The largest cost to SkyLimit Remodeling is setting up the workspace and cleaning up. It is important for us to stay efficient.

My Guarantee

I personally guarantee my craftsmanship for five years—five times as long as the industry standard.

  • Plumbing Fixtures—Lifetime for present homeowner on all parts and labor
  • Quartz—15-year seal warranty
  • Onyx—Lifetime for present homeowner on parts and labor
  • Bertch Cabinets (structural integrity and finish)—Lifetime warranty in most cases
  • Hardware-Lifetime
  • Windows-Lifetime

I cannot, however, guarantee poor quality products. This is why SkyLimit Remodeling uses only quality products. I cannot warranty cracks in concrete or problems caused by the settling of the foundation.

My Goals

My overall goal is for you to be completely satisfied at the completion of your project, and to develop a lifelong working relationship while building your dreams into a reality. With over 22 years of experience working on various remodeling projects, I am convinced I can offer you the highest quality work at a competitive price. My years of experience have given me the ability to be creative and to understand issues of utility, efficiency, and beauty. I always attempt to coordinate the physical work to be least disruptive of one’s home and routine throughout the project.

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